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You as His Disciple

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A word from—Fr. Bob

Dear Church Family,

Imagine yourself being one of those 72.  You’re  qualified because you are on the right path that we proclaimed last week.  You’re floating, maybe even more so, just lying secure, arms and feet spread out on your bed and you know that you are on the team—you’re in first place (wish the Cardinals were) and that you’re doing okay with your spiritual life.  But if you are sent out, you’re being sent out in your daily life and you are around and involved in diverse situations which we know as diversity of society.  You have all kinds of people that are different and sometimes learning to talk with different people in different experiences in daily life  you can reach out a lot more.

I’m going to tell a story I heard.  It is about a lady who had a long commute to her work.  Her husband would take her part way to the bus station.  One day as she got out of the car, she left her phone, credit cards, ID, even cash  and everything on the seat.  A man was selling newspapers nearby.  In this particular city, this is sometimes a job held by people in transitional living shelters.  He noticed her distress, so he offered to help.  Reluctantly, she admitted that she could use $1.50 for bus fare.  But he insisted that he give her $8 from his apron pocket so that she could make the round trip home and have some lunch, too.  From that day on, she began to notice and interact many,  many more times in a different way with people on the corner of this street and also in many other places, with a new perspective.    Later on, she involved herself with homeless and educational programs, just things that would let her be one of those 72 who could and would spread the Good News by just opening himself or herself to good deeds.

We talk a lot about the 72 proclaiming the Kingdom of God and that, dear People of God, is the Kingdom of God.  It is everyday living, spreading love, opening yourself to new experiences, and examining how you have missed little opportunities to do just that.  We all do that in little ways when we reflect on our past actions.  So just see this as part of the message today in You as His Disciple.


Father Bob


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