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You are trustworthy, not only in small things but in big things

Pastor’s Pen
Sunday, September 18, 2022
Twenty-fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time
St. Augustine’s Catholic Church

Dear Church Family,

In today’s first reading, We hear the Prophet Amos condemning the people for trampling upon the needy and destroying the poor of the land, by fixing their scales for cheating and buying the lowly for silver and a pair of sandals, and even selling the refuse of the wheat! We often say, how can this be done to anyone?

In the Gospel of Luke, we are talking about the virtue of trustworthiness. Every one of us would love the compliment, “You are trustworthy, not only in small things but in big things.”  You would love to have your children grow up with this virtue, so we pray for this virtue in ourselves and in our families.

I found an interesting and different take on the gospel story from the renowned intellectual Bernard Lonergan. Here is what he liked about the gospel parable which is one of three or four gospel stories that are very confusing. This particular theologian says that here is one place in the scripture that human intelligence and ingenuity are praised. Certainly, that is true, but why would Jesus use an example of dishonesty to make His point? Oh, very well. But this theologian goes on to say  that Jesus is praising not dishonesty but ingenuity—ingenuity as opposed to complaining and whining and despair. He uses his human intelligence to get the guys together and make a deal so when his master does dismiss him, he will have someplace to go. He doesn’t just sit around and whine, “Oh, what will I do now?”  He decides to make the best of a bad situation. Therefore, I feel that we have to display the virtue of trustworthiness and look at this scripture passage from that angle and use our God-given talents in dire situations as opposed to complaining and despair.

Finally, I am uplifted by Paul’s attitude of praying as powerfully as he can, for kings, rulers, and everyone in authority. He goes on to say if we pray for them and they do what they are supposed to be doing, then we will live in a more tranquil and peaceful place for everyone. Our Lord wants everyone to be safe and know that they are totally loved. Sometimes in my periods of quiet prayer, I feel Jesus looking at me and loving me, and I look back at him and I am at peace knowing that he is loving me back. So, church, enjoy the sacred word and pray for the grace of trustworthiness in your life and in the life of all your loved ones. Alleluia!

Father Bob

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