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Dear Church Family,

 The Importance of John the Baptist!


Let us place ourselves in Jerusalem.  Jesus has not yet arrived on the scene, but John is baptizing in the Jordan for repentance of sin.  Scripture says all of Jerusalem and Judea and the area around the Jordan, all are coming out to be baptized.  Through reference books we know that the population of Jerusalem alone was 40,000 at that time.  Think if all the fans in Busch Stadium suddenly went down to the Mississippi to be baptized.  It would be publicized everywhere.  It would be a spiritual awakening.  Most certainly the Holy Spirit was involved.  Just think, what if the population of University City wanted to go to confession.

John was making a substantial impact among the leaders of the Jews.  Levites, priests and Pharisees were coming out to see who he was.  “WHO ARE YOU,” they said.  “Are you the Christ, or Elijah, or the Prophet?  And putting John’s response into today’s expression.  John says, “I’m just the opening act.  The Great One is coming after me and He is so good, I’m not fit to tie His shoes.”  John is preparing to reveal the Messiah to the Jews.  The long-awaited Messiah.  The Savior of Israel.  On the next day, John says, “Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world.”

As we enter the 3rd week of Advent we celebrate, Gaudete Sunday.  Gaudete means rejoice.  So we are rejoicing and during today’s mass our priests will be offering a chance for repentance, just as John did.  So let us Rejoice for the day of the King of Kings is at hand.  Rejoice, Rejoice, again I say Rejoice.


Deacon Ed



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