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We celebrate the feast of the birthday of John the Baptist

Dear Church Family,


We celebrate today the Nativity of John the Baptist and the Nativity of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ which will be six months from now. When June 24th lands on a Sunday we celebrate the feast of the birthday of John the Baptist.  “Nativity” seems to have more meaning because it is a manifestation that leads to us being saved, our salvation. John announces the coming of the Messiah, gives His message of dying for all human evil and sin and victoriously rising.  We with Him rise eternally.

In our first reading from the prophet Isiah, he speaks about a servant and maybe it is really the family and country of Israel itself who are the servants.  They will spread the good news that God will be for all.  Because of this servant being for all of us, we see ourselves as also from our mother’s womb we are so special, like John the Baptist.  Through John the Baptist and Israel itself we show our glory and we are light in the world.  So, consider that God has called you from the womb also.  Then consider the awesome, driving, important commitment of John the Baptist, driven, can’t turn around in any way because his God is calling him to proclaim the message of salvation.  Then we see the same driven force of Jesus.  We sing songs that say we can’t turn around because of the sacredness that we also from our mother’s womb, are so special, special to all the community of God.  By our love and our living the life of Jesus and His values, we are special.  As we celebrate the Nativity of John the Baptist, maybe with our parents and our parents themselves thinking about us as we are in the womb, “What shall this child be?”.  It is good to behold, because parents have such love and wish the best for their child and nourish that child.  So, we have been nourished from our mother’s womb.  We celebrate that today.  Our nativity, our coming into life to spread the good news along with John the Baptist, leading us to Jesus himself.  Alleluia!


Love, Fr. Bob


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