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we are to give away to others this wonderful gift of love that we have received

Pastor’s Pen
Second Sunday of Lent
March 5, 2023
St. Augustine Catholic Church


Today’s readings are about Faith and Sacrifice. Without true Faith and following with the strength of belief, we are left to wallow in the aversions and diversions of this world.  Yet, let us look at Abraham whom God has instructed to offer up his only son, Isaac, as a holocaust sacrifice.  Abraham faithfully follows the command, but before he can carry it out, he is ordered to stop.  For his faithfulness and obedience, God promises Abraham that his descendants will be as numerous as the stars.

Let us take a moment to think of a time in our life when we have been loved the most.  Perhaps it was our parents or grandparents, siblings, a good friend, or a spouse. Whomever we received this ultimate earthly gift of love from, it is our best example of God’s love for us (except that is magnified 1,000-fold).

In the Gospel, we have Jesus’ Transfiguration. The disciples, Peter, James, and John are amazed, overwhelmed, and frightened when they observe these mystical phenomena.  God actually speaks to them and tells them how pleased he is with Jesus and that they must listen to him because He doesn’t want them to miss the importance of what is happening.  He wants us to know that His covenant is being fulfilled.  His Savior, the Messiah, has arrived. In our obedience to and love for God, our body will become like Jesus’ and we will be one with Him in His glorious kingdom.

So as God’s loving creations, we are called in this life to know, love, and serve the Lord in this world and to be one with Him in heaven.  In this calling of God, we are to give away to others this wonderful gift of love that we have received.  As part of our Lenten practice, we can help someone standing on the corner in need, volunteer to go beyond that which is expected of us, and/or give of ourselves in different ways, mentally, emotionally, and most assuredly spiritually when opportunities arise.

Deacon Ed

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