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Utility Assistance Program

Our objective is to help low income households get through difficult times. This program provides year round assistance to help people pay for bitterly cold winters or unbearable hot summers in addition to those who are at risk of utility shutoffs.

In situations where our community families are under the fear of being evicted from their home due to overdue rent, we provide assistance as well. Currently we invest $8,000 a week over $420,000 a year, in supporting the poor in the Greater St. Louis community. We accept donations all year round. You may donate by clicking here.

Utility and rental assistance is provided every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Numbers are given to the first 30 people in line at 6:00 am. Those receiving the blessing of this assistance must have their identification, utility bill or rental agreement and $25 cash or money order. The $25 dollars will be matched with up to $75 toward their bill.