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Dear Church Family,

Those of us who are older adults do our annual physical where tests are carried out to find what things are in order in our body and where there are deficiencies which we must work on to ensure healthy living. This is similar to the man in the Gospel who approached Jesus to find out what he must do to inherit eternal life. The commandments were enumerated to him. He was happy that he has been keeping them since his younger days. Jesus told him he had one more thing to add; to sell all his possessions and give the money to the poor and then to follow Him. He was disappointed because he had great possessions. The hope of the eternal life seemed diminished.

We as Christians should constantly think in a similar way asking ourselves what we must do to inherit eternal life. We need not live in emptiness and think of nothing. We have seen that after keeping the commandments and certain good actions, more has to be done to ensure perfection which brings us to eternal life. It is not, therefore, only when we sell our possessions and give the money to the poor that we can do all the good in life. Think of other biblical examples, such as the parable of the Good Samaritan who showed kindness to the man traveling from Jerusalem to Jericho, or the kindness that must be done to our neighbor which Christ said will be the yardstick for the last judgement. Think of forgiving the one who offended you and being sorry to the one you offended. Do you thank those who did you some kindness ad favor and many other ways that show perfection in your relationship with others. To inherit eternal life, therefore, we must be perfect as our heavenly life is perfect.


Fr. Chris Adinuba

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