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Dear Church Family,

This is our 24th celebration of the Feast of Saint Augustine. Each year we like to make it special because he is such a wonderful role model. He inspires us with the help of his dear mother, St. Monica to always reform our lives and have what is central to the Sacred Word of God today which is the great virtue of humility which is so important.

We are challenged in the book of Sirach, which is also called The Book of Ecclesiasticus which means the church book where we have the teachings we give to people who are coming into the faith. Above everything else we need the virtue of humility. I just talked about humility as always being aware that our central direction in life is to grow in a deep, deeper union with the Lord through prayer of many kinds as we grow older through more and more prayer. Then, all the way along our life we try to do as much as possible to love others. We start with our families and then reaching out and having good relationships. This is what we are about as God’s peoples.

So every time we celebrate the Feast of Saint Augustine we want to be aware that He is our spiritual inspiration to just do life better. Again, we want to be on fire in our lives. God bless you and enjoy this Feast Day!


Love, Fr. Bob


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