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Dear Church Family,

It was a wonderful delight to have the Joyous Family of St. Cronan come and worship with us last year. We welcome you again! Your visit was truly one of the highlights of our year. We enjoyed worshipping together and getting to know you from across the city and across racial lines. Of course, you know I like to claim this church family as the “Joyous Family of St. Augustine.” I brag about that by putting it on my car from tippy headlights to the tippy taillights. We just want to go through life with that attitude. So welcome again.

The Real Deal, the Real Glory. The glory that is equal to being a servant of all. We can see James and John maneuvering to be at the top of the “pecking order.” You have heard that term used a number of times, “pecking order.” We all like to have a certain amount of recognition but Jesus is telling us that the “real glory” comes with the crucifixion, eternal life and resurrected life. That’s what all of us should seek. The first reading of Isaiah is about the servant song where the servant is expressing that he will be crushed by infirmity. “He will give his life as an offering for sin and because of his affliction he shall see light in the fullness of days: through his suffering, my servant shall justify many, and their guilt he shall bear.” These are words that we apply to Jesus through the centuries because of His giving of His life for the real glory.

Then we have real glory expressed again when we see Jesus as a great high priest who is one of us and can sympathize with us and is tested in every way, as all of us humans, but without sin. Therefore we can approach the throne of grace to receive mercy and to find grace from our Lord and Savior. Again the real glory comes to us all in these sacred readings today that had to do with being a servant of all. Alleluia!


Love, Fr. Bob

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