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Dear Church Family,

As I sat in my prayer room chair, I composed this prayer:

Dear Lord Jesus, Best Friend all the more Savior and Lord. After always humbly asking for forgiveness by picking up the pieces of my life and desire to enter by the “narrow gate”. I say to You, Lord that I think I know that the narrow gate has to be entered without looking back and with a humble spirit. It has to be entered with an attitude of looking forward and just doing it! Lord help me enter by this narrow gate. This is such a challenging and refreshing way to go. I know it isn’t easy because the narrow gate doesn’t allow too much looking back. I’ll just try to go forward in my deep desire for union with You. In my deep desire of loving everybody but especially loving everybody whom I am in relationship with, Lord again help me to look straight ahead.

Fortified with feeling good about being discipline, as the author to Hebrew proclaims: “Discipline is good for me and it makes me ready not to in anyway turn back.” Discipline as we see in the Olympics is totally necessary even though those competing in the Olympics might have a certain amount of pride about themselves. Lord, I want to have only that straight forwardness of journeying through the narrow gate. For this journeying through the narrow gate blesses me with what is most important in this life’s journey that is to be in union with You. In crossing over into the hereafter will be a joy. Maybe You will say, “Well done, Bob” or maybe You will say, (put your name) “________ well done”.

Because you are on fire to make this journey without distraction, when detracted you pick up the pieces and ask for forgiveness and continue on. Lord I saw that in the Olympics when people fell, people fell off the bar and just got right back up and did the best they could. Thank you Lord for setting my heart on this New Jerusalem Heaven, totally in union with You. Alleluia! Praise You, Lord!

P.S. So, Church Family I made the pastor’s pen a prayer today and I just felt inspired to do that because You know this is what we are all about. Let’s keep journeying together. With discipline let us run the race and win the crown. Alleluia!


Love, Fr. Bob


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