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My Dear Church Family for almost 24 years. Alleluia!

Today, I claim with you that Jesus is in our boat. He is especially with us when we go through the storms of life. It is a good image of knowing He will be with us and all we have to do is call on Him. Maybe as the Gospel says today, “Wake Him up also!” Church, how necessary it is, as we journey through life to have this anchor in the storms of life and to know that Jesus will be there. Not always doing what we want but He is always right on time. That’s our faith. We are so grateful that all of this will happen.

The first reading from the book of Job has the imagery of sea, winds and storms. Also it is evident in the Responsorial Psalm. Notice the words of that Psalm we know that Christ is our all and all. Continue to enjoy your summer. We prayed for rain and now we are praying that the rain will stop. The other day I was observing my farmer friend’s farm. They had beautiful lines of corn and soy beans but they are telling me “Any more water will destroy them.” Pray to the Lord to just let up on the rain and send it to California. There is not always a balance in nature. Again, Dear Church, celebrate that Jesus is in your boat. Alleluia!

Today is Father’s Day and we celebrate all the love that our fathers and all men give to the whole community, especially the love, the strength and the caring that they give to children. Again we stand in awe that our God gives amazing grace and amazing love to us and pours out this love to us because of the fathers in our lives. So I challenge every father, young and old; every male, young and old, to nurture and be a role model for others, especially our young boys. First in your family and then in the community. That’s what we are about as God’s people.


Love, Fr. Bob


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