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A Word from Fr. Bob  

Dear Church Family,

What a glorious celebration of our church’s birthday as God’s people on the Feast of Pentecost, last Sunday with “Red” as the symbol.  I used the word “surprise” just be surprised!  I said, “Look for little surprises in your daily life.”  I had two surprises the other day.  One was our 99-year-old church family member, Theresa King, who had to move to a new home.  I thought she would be totally devastated and confused but I found her in a good frame of mind.  She was accepting this move that she had to make.  The second surprise was my cousin who is bedridden with a stroke.  He is about my age but totally incapacitated.  I was going to visit him in the hospital and I didn’t have my cell phone.  So, I went by this place way out in the county and he was there.  He had just gotten back.  Just a little surprise that things do work out.  Then walking down, the hall I meet two ladies from the neighborhood as ministers of healing. What a surprise!

Today, the theme on the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity flowing from Pentecost are the words, “Go Out Side”.  I took my sister-n-law Holy Communion and Anointing and we talked about our challenge to go and celebrate Good News, proclaim the Good News and witness in some way to others and encourage one another.

As the second reading, really says beautifully today, “What an attitude this would be.  First, rejoice mend your ways, then encourage one another to live in peace.” Just good ways to be!  I was telling my sister-n-law, “it is such a beautiful day and you don’t know your neighbors or the people who walk down your street from the business community.  They walk around your street when they are on their lunch hour just to get the exercise.  Why don’t you just roll your wheel chair those few feet out, since you are an elderly lady?  Then you can talk to anybody.  Just sit out and say, ‘hello’ to everybody and say, ‘Hi, I am Annie!  What’s your name?  Feel, welcome to walk down our street anytime.’”  Just a go outside thing.  I thought to myself that we could get sort of locked up in our own little way of living and nobody new is going to come into our life.  Therefore, we can’t really proclaim the message all the way because there is no one to proclaim it to.

The message is so powerful today as we hear these Sacred Words from John 3:16 saying, “God so loved the world that He gave His Only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him might not perish but might have eternal life.”  Alleluia!  Spread that Good News but to do it you have to get out of your Comfort Zone.  Be bold enough to talk to people.  If you are elderly you are no way threatening to anybody else.  So, you can always talk to people.  You never know the conversation you will have.  Just go outside.  Alleluia!


Love, Fr. Bob


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