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Dear Church Family,

I am a very proud Padre celebrating my 77th birthday. I want to be in reckless abandon and I am praying for the grace to somehow figure out how to grow spiritually in what I would like to term as a new phase of my life. There is so many wonderful things to do with my living and loving. One thing I do desire is a deeper and deeper union with the Lord and to maybe slow down. You are hearing this from the “horse’s mouth” slow down so I can all the more be aware of the wonderful relationship I have with the Lord and how to make that grow. Also, the wonderful relationship I have with so many of you and to make that grow. Alleluia!

Today, we come to passages about widows who are vulnerable in society. In the Scriptures they are lifted up as role models of how to give all that they can, even in their very weakened vulnerable positions in the Old and New testaments. There is the widow of Zarephath whom Elijah challenges to give him a drink of water and also to give him some bread to eat when she and her son have hardly anything to eat for themselves. She felt so discouraged about the little that they had that she thought it would be the last meal that she and her son would have before they died.

In the Gospel, we see Jesus taking note of how important it is to give the Gospel value out of your need, rather than your surplus. That’s always a challenge to all of us. With the blessings we have received from many people that heard about our misfortune of our church doors being burnt and giving money to restoring those doors we have greatly been blessed. Alleluia! It just seems for sure we have to give a blessing in return. The amount of that blessing will be the challenge that I, you and the leadership will have.


Love, Fr. Bob

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