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Dear Church Family,

I remember years ago on this date, usually the Sunday before the feast of Christ the King, the last Sunday of the Church year that I would go out and exchange pulpits and proclaim a message about the Campaign for Human Development. I remember stressing that all of us are children of God. Some of us have more blessings to start with and we know it would be a better society if all of us were able to have the equal blessings of this country and there would be no poor or rich. The Campaign for Human Development was something that the people of God and the bishops started for many, many years ago. We would try to fund an organization that would help the poor get blessings. We still need many of those types of organizations. We offer blessings and prayers on those that help with those organizations. These people are like the people in the first reading from the book of Daniel, “They will lead many to justice and shall be like the stars forever.”

I remember one lady that we helped a lot when I was at Holy Name in the early 1970’s. She had five children and her husband was abusing her. She escaped and started her own place. She had nothing and we at Holy Name helped her and I remember lugging a refrigerator up to the second floor. When I got up there and finished that she said, “Fr. Bob, I have this request.” I don’t remember what it was but I said, o-o-h, how about waiting until tomorrow.” Pointing being there was always a need. About three weeks later, a lady with four children was burned out of her apartment. The lady we had helped earlier took this lady and her children in. To me she was like the Scriptures said, “She shall be like the stars forever.” Because of the way we try to live and love, everybody helping others, we hear the Responsorial Psalms as a blessing prayer when it says, “You are my inheritance, O Lord!” What an inheritance we have in Jesus. Alleluia!  Church say, Amen!

We enter in as we hear the letter to the Hebrews that every priest stands and offers sacrifices over and over again as Jesus with His life offered Himself totally for the evil and sins of the world. Therefore this priest forever did one offering. So we enter into that offering so often remembering that His was to atone forever and ever. As we hear the challenging words that are hard to understand about the end of the world, the basic thing is don’t even worry about that just live right and live holy and all is well. So, good people of God just keep growing in the Sacred Word of God.


Love, Fr. Bob

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