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Dear Church Family,

In East India there is a custom of a special greeting that says, “The God in me greets the God in you”. To me this is a very humble way of opening yourself up to be at one with whomever comes into your life. You know there are certain people that have the ability to talk to anyone, be friendly and hospitable. Because of their personality they are able to relate well with people. That certainly is good if we have that quiet aura about respecting God in everyone else. Alleluia! To me this dynamic parable proclaims a message that is so obvious that we go to God humbly, we are of the earth. I think the word for that is humus. We know without God we are nothing. It is beautiful to know and this should be our stance before our God.

In awe we just proclaim we are just a preacher and don’t know how to handle our relationship with our God. But with the help of Jesus and His powerful spirit we go to the Father with great feelings that all is well because we know He is in total control of our lives. He gives us everything. So, we certainly want to be that tax collector who was really not well thought of in the Jewish society. I come away from this proclamation and also reflect on Saint Paul telling us, “We fought a good fight and run the race and all is well.” Now a merit crown for us. Alleluia! In a way humbly we didn’t really try to search it out. We just did it because that is the way a preacher stands before his or her God knowing that all is a gift and we feel good about this wonderful relationship we have developed.

I am already gearing up for another new phase in my life. In 1977, I thought of myself as having reckless abandon in a joyful way. The end results are desire to walk in a closer, deeper union with the Lord. Whether I accomplished that in my 77 years I don’t know, but I at least made an effort. As I get ready to begin my 78th year in a few weeks, I will say what I say on my answering machine and will say when people ask me how I am doing. I say, “I am just enjoying my spiritual union with the Lord or my spiritual journey with the Lord. I don’t have to work at it anymore. I just enjoy and do it. It is a relaxed, wonderful relationship that I desire and I hope to spend more time just being and reflecting on that.

God strengthen you all in your wonderful spiritual journey which is so unique. Maybe you can think like me and have the attitude of rejoicing in your journey with the Lord. Let me know what you think because we all are in this journey to the Lord. I think of my journey as being so exciting because God loves me so much. He loves you so much also. So, all is well and I am just going to live in that. I respond to living in my loving relationships with other people. Amen.


Love, Fr. Bob


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