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Dear Church Family,

What an inspirational story of Jesus’ love for the little people and even the more important people. If Jesus includes all of them certainly we are in that number also. As I proclaimed last Sunday, it is so good to be in Jesus’s boat and to be able to let go because we know Jesus is so glad to treat us with such love and healing. The ordinary person who was in the culture at that time was unclean and really had nothing other than desperation and faith. Who knows which one was the strongest?

The woman with the hemorrhage boldly with faith touched His garment. She felt, “If I just touched the helm of His garment I would be healed” and she was. She was not only healed of her physical handicap but also felt very special as a beloved Daughter of the Lord. Alleluia!

I noticed that Jesus called her “Daughter.” I think there is much more meaning to that salutation because “Daughter” is one that totally belongs. She was supposedly a “nobody” and now she is a “Daughter” and is now healed. Feel Jesus coming to you and to all other people that call on Him, especially in their time of need and all will be well. He has enough healing power, mercy and compassion for everybody. So He hasn’t forgotten you or me even when you feel He is delayed. Some people with faith say, “He’s always on time.” He can care for you even as He takes care of everyone else. Come and ask Jesus for His help and trust Him to act on His own schedule, which is hard to do. Maybe you can even go a little further and pray for all the other people He is helping. Jesus certainly is big enough to care for us all. Alleluia!

Love, Fr. Bob


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