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Third Sunday or Lent

Dear Church Family,

The weather outside is frightful but as I say over the phone, “Fr. Bob is so delightful, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.” Now and then I am inclined to sing that song over the phone, hopefully, to cheer people on, if they don’t hang up on me . On Sunday with the bad weather we were not able to have many of the good Christian souls here to pray with us. There was a good message from the deacon and me on enjoying little Transfigurations in your life. The story is about the Lord being transfigured and a glimpse of glory was shone. The cloud opened up and a voice from the cloud saying, “This is my beloved Son. Listen to Him.” We listen to our Lord and He gives us many blessings. Sometimes we can see these blessings in such a way that we are so grateful that we feel Transfigured. We feel blessed! It is good to notice in nature, even in the beauty of the snow, the blessings that come in our relationships. Whatever happens we are aware that the Lord is present to us like little Transfigurations happen. Think about little blessings that you have and give God the praise as you do extra time of prayer, fasting and good deeds in this Lenten period.

Now we have the story of Jesus driving people out of the temple and the scripture saying, “Zeal for His house consumed Him.” We see Jesus knowing what is right and what is wrong. This was a violation of what the temple should really be used for. It became too secular and we know that is something we always guard against. The pure worship gets dulled by too much frivolity and activity. We have to regroup and get back to a clean heart. So, reflect on that good people of God and know that Jesus wants us to have a clean heart and to worship with our whole heart and soul as we continue our Lenten journey. Amen! Alleluia!

Part of the very basic message that the Lord gives us today in the first reading is the Ten Commandments. They are the good directions on how to live. You can’t go wrong trying to keep the Ten Commandments. We should make sure all the young people in our families know and keep the Ten Commandments. Make sure you get a Rice Bowl to help other less fortunate people around the world to be fed, physically as well as spiritually.

Love, Fr. Bob


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