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Dear Church Family,

You who are journeying with me in a special way during this Lenten Season I want you to know I really enjoyed the Gospel today.  As we journey into this third week of Lent, in my reflection I have an interpretation that might be the right interpretation or just one of many as I reflect on this story of the Samaritan woman.  She came to the well, probably when the others didn’t because she was ostracized because she had 5 husbands and wasn’t living up to the law of the Lord.  But Jesus comes and talks to her and asks her for a drink. We are always asking for a drink and Jesus says, “I am going to give you a drink that is more than water.  It is a water that lasts for eternal life.  The drink that I give is really myself.”  I see this as a spiritual awareness of what’s really important to us.  The real water that counts is something that leads to deeper values and deeper meanings. As we progress this Lenten season in our own Lenten efforts we know that the love of God has been poured forth in our hearts for a desire of a deeper union with Him.

Just being aware that God wants us to always seek union with Him as He has sought union with us already.  We just like to be so aware that we bask in it.  As I was writing this pastor’s pen I was sitting in my prayer chair and as you know the sun hasn’t been out every day this past week but it is beaming down on me now.  As I bask in the sun I just want to soak up Jesus totally loving me so that I can love Him and be all the more aware of this wonderful union that He allows us to have.

The deeper our union here with Him is the deeper the interest we show in always trying to grow in the drink of Sacred Water, the drink of Himself that He gives us.  Then we will be able to enjoy that closer walk with the Lord.  When we are filled with this great union with the Lord others benefit because we are as it were on a “glow” of His presence.

So, keep journeying good people of God.  I love you very much.  Amen!

Fr. Bob


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