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The Word of God is more than that which is written…

Pastor’s Pen
Sunday, October 9, 2022
Twenty-eighth Sunday of Ordinary Time
St. Augustine Catholic Church


My Dear Church Family

The most important thing we can do in our existence and for our salvation is to believe in the Word of God. It makes no difference whether it is written down in the Bible or spoken from the pulpit as we hear at mass, or from today’s Old Testament reading from the Book of Kings and the Gospel of St. Luke. Again, it is in the believing that is most important!

In the first reading, Naaman, the commander of the Syrian Army, followed the instructions of the prophet Elisha and plunged himself into the Jordan River seven times. However, prior to this, Naaman expected to be healed by the magical technique of the prophet rather than by the power of God operating in connection with his own obedient response to God’s word. But when his servants convinced him otherwise, he did as he was instructed, believed, and “his leprous flesh became like that of a little child.”  Alleluia!!

The Word of God is more than that which is written, handed down, or commanded as Jesus did in His words. The living WORD is JESUS, Son of GOD, and GOD Himself. When Jesus tells the ten lepers to go and show themselves to the priest, they are cleansed and healed because they believed and obeyed. So, it is not just enough to hear the Word of God, but to Believe, Accept, and Obey.

These are tumultuous times for our world and especially for our Catholic faith which is being tested and attacked from many sides.  Remember that Faith and Trust in Jesus are the most important weapons we have, in addition to the Sacraments, Prayer, and Commitment. So, church family, be strong, believe, study and know the Word of God, love the Lord with our whole heart, mind, and body, and serve Him and one another, because we know, GOD is Good All the time.


Father Bob


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