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23 Years of Spiritual Growth!

I have been present for all twenty-three anniversaries, and to my knowledge, I have not been out of town.  However, for this anniversary I am out of town because of a family wedding that I will definitely be “called on the carpet” if I do not attend.  Know that I am thinking of you all and praying with you in solidarity as we celebrate our twenty-third year.  I tell you, it has been the delight of my heart to minister all these years with you.  Needless to say, I love being here all these years and hope that I can stay until I have crossed over in union with the Lord forever.  I can also say it has been my best assignment because of all that we have been able to do together, loving one another and reaching out to love others.

We have all grown spiritually.  We hear the Lord calling all of us to spread the Good News and go out two by two.  The prophet Amos is compelled to go out, even when he gets rejection from the leadership, he still goes out to spread the good news.  He says that he did not want to do it, but he is totally compelled to reach out to others.  Church, that should be our feeling, to always want to spread good news.

Take special notice of all the wonderful affirmations and love that flows out of St. Paul, telling us we are special, chosen and totally loved by the Lord.  The Lord is willing to forgive everything that we have done wrong and welcome us into His wonderful ocean of forgiveness and care.

Have you ever had a love letter sent to you?  If you did, you know that you have wonderful feelings as you read it.  There are wonderful feelings from our readings today.  We know that God loves us so much that he gives everything of Himself to us.  Know as you read and meditate on the second reading of St. Paul to the Ephesians that you can feel greatly loved by the Lord.  That should give us ammunition to go out and spread the good news.  Take somebody along as Jesus says, two by two.  A good way to go and enjoy the summer!


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