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The Most Holy Trinity

Pastor’s Pen
The Most Holy Trinity
June 12, 2022
St. Augustine Catholic Church

Dear Church Family,

Let’s say, “Happy Birthday God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Dear God, Dear Holy Trinity, we don’t understand you and don’t know everything about You but we celebrate You as being God all by yourself and by being God for each one of us coming totally gushing into our hearts with love.”  So, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, You are in our hearts.  Church Family that is my understanding of this great mystery of the Holy Trinity.  It’s just like as if I were celebrating the birthday of my mother or dad.  I don’t know all about them all the years before I was born, but I celebrate their birthdays and I know a lot.  So we know that our God, more than anything else, “just totally exist.”  That’s what I believe!!  So we come to this great feast, especially as I am in the habit of doing all the more because I have been giving these pastor’s pens.

The words that I am resting in today can be found in the Second Reading.  Paul’s letter to the Romans, “The love of God has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit.”  I felt so good about celebrating Pentecost Sunday with fire, wind and just total awareness as the Holy Spirit gushes and pours his into us.  It totally excites us to be aware that whatever happens in life, God will give us strength and courage and we celebrate that.  Rest in those words or any other words of these three readings this week.

Again, I think a way of being aware of God’s powerful love coming to us and noticing it in little ways that comes through stillness and reflection is maybe writing down the main events of each day.  Sometimes you can see God working through something that happens during the day.  I just know the Holy Spirit is working in our lives.  By writing down the main events of the day or anything of the day whether it be meeting with somebody or any reflections, you can feel God operating in your life.  Keep it up and keep resting in the Lord.  Alleluia!

Love, Father Bob

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