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The Lord is truly your friend who you can talk with

Pastor’s Pen
Sunday, Sept. 11, 2022
Twenty-fourth Sunday in Ordinary Times
St. Augustine Catholic Church


Dear Church Family,

Today your pastor just wants to give you a couple of reflections.

The first reflection, the book of Exodus gives a beautiful feeling of Moses’ intimacy with the Lord and how he can “talk turkey” and know that the Lord loves him even though it looks like he is arguing with the Lord.  We have that same intimacy, and the Lord is truly your friend who you can talk with.

The second reflection, I love the virtue of humility that Paul demonstrates in quite a few passages and scripture.  He knows like St. Augustine that he did wrong – big time! But for him and for us we can say that the grace of our Lord has been abundant.  Alleluia!

Third reflection, the older son who was faithful and sometimes I identify with his feelings that I am not coming to the party to celebrate this wayward brother.  He doesn’t deserve it.  Sometimes we can humbly have a better attitude towards those who have done wrong.  Sometimes we can change our attitude to be more like the father’s attitude. Alleluia!



Fr. Bob

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