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Dear Family of God,


Your Pastor, in your name “Saint Augustine” and also in the name of Saint Elizabeth Mother of John the Baptist, was able to greet almost 3,000 people that came for food baskets.  Of course, you know I enjoy, in the name of the Lord, greeting people and encouraging them.  This is a difficult time for many people.  They are struggling to get a Christmas plan going in the home.  As I greeted them, I was also able to take time to pray with 20 or 25 families that were waiting.  In most of all my prayers, I prayed for their families which is so important. I prayed that they take every member of their family and try to be family together in peace, love and support.  We know how difficult that can be.  I also said, “Bless the funny bunnies in the families”.  I meant those with special needs, addictions, lack of responsibilities, not living adult Christian lives or whatever we are called to do that also.

We are prone very, very often to pray for our own families.  Try not to ignore those family members which are hard to have a relationship with.  There is so there is much forgiveness, starting over, love, calling them to their own responsibilities today.  All this is part of family living, but they are a part of our family.  So, we enjoy our family today and we reflect on how we can love each person more yet at the same time if they need to be called to adult responsibilities or whatever.

We are into enjoying the Holy Family as our model to pray, pray and pray.  We might say with the Holy Family, Jesus, Mary and Joseph, it was kind of cushion.  There was only one Kid, but we think they were refugees, real poor and couldn’t pay for a place in the inn.  They had to have their baby in a shelter for animals.  They were just beyond the understanding of homelessness.  In a way they are so special.  Enjoy this Feast Day today.  We also celebrate Kwanzaa.  The main purpose of Kwanzaa is to build up our identities as responsible, loving, committed adult members of the community and being family to one another.

So, thinking of the Better Family Life movement that’s in our neighborhood which tries to reach out to the struggling folks that we also try to continue all year long to reach out to.  We depend all on to give inspiration of the Holy Family, Jesus, Mary and Joseph, to help us in this quest that will never end.  We are glad it will never end because they are part of us, even when they cross over.  Their spirit is tremendously remembered.  A joyous Feast Day to all of you.

As this year comes to an end, I want you to know I feel really good about our journeying together as a Church Family.  What would I do without our loyal, regular Church Family members?  We wouldn’t be Church!  Thank you, thank you for journeying with me as we look forward to a prosperous New Year, 2019.

I pray that you have a very joyous New Year that will find the Holy Spirit in your minds and hearts.  Open to that your own prayer that you’ll continue to do many, many good deeds.  Have a new, joyous, spirit-filled New Year, full of promise, full of God’s Holy Spirit, directing you each and every day to greater and greater values. Alleluia!


Love, Fr. Bob


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