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A Word from Fr. Bob  


Dear Church Family,

It’s been a peaceful and fun week for me visiting relatives, family, friends and parishioners.  I love you all and just feel so grateful that you were able to help me in so many, many ways to help many others.  You did so much on your own especially our Saint Vincent DePaul Society and Wellston Center and all those that helped me with Father Bob’s Outreach with Christmas Baskets.  I haven’t covered everybody that called me but it’s a good feeling to give it all away.  Now there is nothing I can do but sit back, rejoice, be glad, and just continue to be aware that many, many other needs will always come.  But for now, all is well.

The Word of God today is telling us also in the gospel we have to say with Mary, “Be it done to me Lord according to your Word”.  Your Word, Lord, is telling us to go and love everybody.  First love the Lord in prayer and awesome praise and then everyone else.

As this year comes to an end, I want you to know I feel real good about our journeying together as a Church Family.  What would I do without our loyal, regular Church Family members?  We wouldn’t be Church!  Thank you, thank you for journeying with me as we look forward to a prosperous New Year, 2018.

I pray that you have a very joyous New Year that will find the Holy Spirit in your minds and hearts.  Open to that your own prayer that you’ll continue to do many, many good deeds.  Have a new, joyous, spirit-filled New Year full of promise, full of God’s Holy Spirit, directing you each and every day to greater and greater values. Alleluia!


Love, Fr. Bob


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