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The harvest is abundant but the laborers are so few…

Pastor’s Pen
July 3, 2022
14th Sunday in Ordinary Time
St. Augustine Catholic Church


Dear Church Family,

Jesus is such an awesome leader and certainly worthy to be followed! Amen! Imagine yourself being one of those seventy-two that he sent ahead of him to every town and place he intended to visit. You have been chosen to be on the team because you are qualified. What a wonderful feeling they had then and you should have now, knowing that your spiritual life is okay with Jesus. We are being sent out in our daily lives as we are involved in diverse situations which we see all around us — poverty, ignorance, violence, and immorality. We are charged to involve ourselves with all kinds of people and sometimes we have to learn to talk in a different way so we can reach out even more.

We talk a lot about the seventy-two proclaiming the Kingdom of God and that, dear people, is doing the Work of the Lord. It is everyday living, spreading love, opening yourself up to new experiences, and examining how you may have missed some opportunities to do that. We all need to look within ourselves and reflect on our past actions. Am I trying to live more like Jesus would want me to? Whether it is feeding the hungry, counseling the lonely, or just praying for the living and the dead. Just keep your focus on what Jesus told those followers:  “The harvest is abundant but the laborers are so few; so ask the master of the harvest (God) to send out laborers for his harvest.” That’s YOU!

Love, Fr. Bob

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