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Dear Church Family,

“Rise up in splendor!” That’s sounds pretty positive and we feel very positive about our relationship with Jesus today because we know that wise people still adore Him. We are definitely in that number. Church, enjoy very much your personal relationship with Jesus. Imagine yourself as a wise man coming to adore. Usually, when you are ready to adore you feel good about a person and you want to give them a gift; not just gold, frankincense and myrrh but a gift of yourself. You could say, “I have always been giving myself to the Lord in little ways because I just don’t see myself as being that important to be doing it in a big way.” But you are important and the Lord is so glad to receive our gift whatever it is.

Maybe, this coming Sunday, we will give you a little homework. That homework will be to write a letter to the Lord Jesus or to the Blessed Mother or Saint Joseph. Include in the letter the things that you can be significantly aware of, but we always know that our God is so worthy to be praised. Our liturgy committee came up with the idea to write a letter to Jesus and tell Him what we are going to give as a gift. It might be very expensive. It may consist of no money whatsoever. It might just be our time and talent. It could be our treasures or it could just be trying to be more aware of the Lord all the time in this new year. So, be that wise person, that humble person that knows how to get things going and be aware that our God is coming to us in a very sacred way through our blessed and glorious loving Jesus. Amen!


Love, Fr. Bob

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