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Dear Church Family,

A joyous and spirit-filled New Year! Today is the great Feast of the Epiphany.

You wise men and women, so often I do proclaim to different people as I see them and say, “You, wonderful woman, man or person of God”.   We humbly proclaim it because we put the Lord first like the wise men in this story, who was searching for the real meaning and I think we found it in just knowing that Jesus is our Lord and Savior and best friend.

Today is a feast of just pure adoration.  We give our praises to the Lord.  We will march up the aisle today, as we traditionally have done through the years, and go over to the crib and once again just adore as best, we can.  Adoration of that type of prayer is harder to do it seems to me.  But we do it to praise and adore the Lord Himself.  As we go to the crib at the beginning of Mass it will be a sign of really giving praise to God.  Maybe I better wait until after the homily and then go to the crib because everybody will be there.  I don’t want anybody to miss out on this sacred occasion.

Talking about missing things, I have a cute memory where I had three people, each one carrying one of the wisemen in sacred ceremony.  The cross bearer led them up to the high altar where I was going to the crib and I just thought to myself, “They went to Jerusalem and got lost again.”  Here I was at the crib waiting for the wisemen to come back, which eventually they did.  It was a humorous memory for me.  They went to Jerusalem instead of Bethlehem and got lost.  But we being wise men and women, even if we make a mistake or two, might go in the wrong direction or have the wrong attitudes, we can humbly search out to adore the Lord and all will be well.

So wonderful people of God, enjoy this great feast of adoration.  Enjoy your claiming that you are a wise person because you have Jesus first in your life.  Alleluia! Keep growing spiritually as we begin this year of 2019. Finally, this pastor simply says, “A joyous, spirit-filled New Year.  May 2019 bring you fullness and riches.


Love, Fr. Bob

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