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That wonderful gift that the Lord gives us of Himself

Pastor’s Pen
Easter Sunday, April 9, 2023
St. Augustine Catholic Church


Dear Risen, Spirited family of God,

The Lord has Risen and we have the victory of victories!  Alleluia!! We have the victory of Jesus dying and rising from the dead for us so that when we die, we will rise eternally, forever to be with the Lord. Also, our spirit will continue in the world as long as it is remembered, which won’t be very long regardless of who we are. But it really doesn’t matter because we have fought the good fight and run the race as St. Paul said.  Now there is a merited crown for us because Jesus has risen from the dead.  Alleluia, again!!

Oh, how we love to celebrate victories. And of course, we see victories in all the sports world.  But in a way, those victories and our own victories are like puffs of smoke and just vanish into the atmosphere. But the real victory is when you significantly accept the Lord as your personal Lord and Savior. We receive the Holy Sacraments to be totally united with Him.  Anointing to heal our physical infirmities and Reconciliation to heal our souls.  Then with the Lord in Holy Communion, we receive the Risen Lord always. As His Body and Blood enters your body, there is a beginning and continuation of that wonderful gift that the Lord gives us of Himself in this Sacrament.

So, celebrate and enjoy this wonderful total victory over death and sin offered to you.  Celebrate any other victory of love and relationships, like accomplishments in school, work, home, or church, like our young people being baptized and our new members joining the church family.

All of these are victories but they are just like a puff of smoke and they will vanish soon, but the real victory is your total acceptance of the Lord, Jesus, as your Lord and Savior and then celebrating that union always by receiving our Lord in Holy Communion. Alleluia! Have a joyous Easter!! Alleluia!!!

Love, Fr. Bob

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