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Take your own thoughts and prayers of 9-11 and be aware of how tragic that was.

Dear Church Family,

9-11 is a very sacred day in our memory. It made us all so aware that there were a great number of people who wanted to kill us and wanted the whole world to be of the Muslims Community. Truly that harmed a good relationship we had with all the good people of Islam, who have been living peaceful as American citizens. We pray for a balance and mercy on us and them, so one day we will be able to live in peace. Take your own thoughts and prayers of 9-11 and be aware of how tragic that was. I had the privilege of going to New York and going to the new 9-11 building. I believe it was higher than all the other buildings and has a tremendous view of New York and the area. It was also a reminder that “we shall overcome”.

Today, in the Sacred Word it’s about mercy and forgiveness as we live our lives first with the Lord and then with one another. The old spiritual “Go down Moses” tells how he went down to Israel land to plead for mercy and he received mercy. We, the descendants of the people of Moses, plead and thank the Lord that he was our intercessor.

Then, we hear Jesus, through Paul, talking about great forgiveness. Paul comes from a very humble stand that he has mercifully been treated because of all his violence toward the people of our faith. He has repented and now he has not only been mercifully treated but Jesus is our glory and honor forever and ever. Amen.

Finally, enjoy the three parables: The lost sheep, concerning that Jesus loves us so much that He would come after us and put us first. “We are standing in the need of prayer.” It may be sometime in our life we can reflect on when we really stood in the need of prayer and how we have been mercifully treated “lost but now found”. Alleluia! Next, the lost coin which is a hard parable to get excited about, but a person who has lost something of great value calls everybody together to celebrate his/her redemption. Usually, we don’t call other people together for our redemption we just have to go live it and prove that we are redeemed people. Finally, mercy, mercy, mercy with the prodigal son. It is good for us to put ourselves in the place of the father, the prodigal son, and the brother to see how we respond. Truly this parable which is my favorite is my blessed assurance that my God is so merciful, He is father and He will come to me in my prodigal ways and always forgive me. I celebrate that forgiveness that He gives to all others and not be bitter about it and tell me I need punishment.

Again, recall 9-11 and we ask to be a spiritual people for we know we have to work on that tremendous problem because there is violence for no reason happening in our country/in the world. We continue to pray that everybody is aware of God’s wonderful mercy. Amen. Alleluia!


Love, Fr. Bob


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