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Walk the walk

             Pastor’s Pen      A Word from Fr. Bob Dear Church Family, Building on the image I gave you last week from St. Bernard in the 12th century, I challenge you, like he suggested, to be a reservoir filled with God’s love.  Then you will always have an overflowing to give […]

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Deacon’s Corner Dear Fellow Lovers of Christ; Our Church and our God are under attack both from without and within.  We must always remember that our Faith and Love of God are dependent upon us maintaining communication with God.  God sent us His only Son.  If you are reading this, you already believe that Jesus […]

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Dear Church Family, Forgive!  Forgive!  Forgive!  The Sacred Word today is all about forgiveness and learning how to reconcile with one another and keep moving on in life without bitterness or resentments and trying to be at peace with everyone.  That’s our challenge to forgive seventy-times-seven as our Lord over emphasize the importance of forgiving.  […]

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Homily, 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Sept 25th, 2016

Each one of us must use the special gift he has received from God for the good of others                                                                                                                                 (Peter 4:10)   We live in a world of opposites. We have day different from night, light from darkness, white from black, males from females and so on. These contraries or opposites are manifestations of […]

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Dear Church Family, I certainly enjoyed being away up in Wisconsin, playing golf with my priest buddies and visiting some family and friends. I am refreshed! The message today is Jesus saying something peculiar to Luke. Luke usually talks about Jesus offering peace, love and certainly forgiving and being ready of course. Luke quotes Jesus […]

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