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That’s It!!

Pastor’s Pen   Dear Church, Expression-two words:  That’s It! That’s It! That’s it! Once you hear those words you know that you have come to a conclusion and you feel a new enlightenment—Alleluia!!  That’s It! Is that all scripture is inspired by God, and that scripture is capable to giving you wisdom for salvation and […]

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A Chance for Forgiveness

Pastor’s Pen   Dear Church Family, The words of the Sacred Scripture that really impressed me was the last words of the gospel.  “If you then, who are wicked know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will the Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him?”  […]

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EVER STUCK IN THE MUCK? Dear Church Family, That story of Jeremiah in the first reading is about a successful prophet, who had kings listening to him and everything, but things totally turned around and they were trying to kill him because he gives a hard message.  They throw him in a cistern which is […]

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Follow Him!

Dear Family of St. Augustine, Your pastor had a family wedding in Chicago, last Saturday and Sunday. It was a beautiful expression of love and commitment and fidelity. So we got them off to a good start. Then your pastor came home and there was this United States Federation of Catholic Priests meeting out at […]

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Gifts of the Spirit

Pastor’s Pen Dear Church Family, The pastor is going to have a little different sermon on this Sunday on the Feast of Pentecost as I want to proclaim the power of God’s holy spirit working in each one of us as we continue our journey to closer and closer union with the Lord.  That’s our […]

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Dear Church Family, I write this Pastor’s Pen on Ascension Thursday which our Church changed to Ascension Sunday, coming up this Sunday and this is the last day of the Easter Paschal Season.  Next week we will celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit in a deeper and more powerful way into our lives.  Ascension […]

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Third Sunday of Easter 2019

Removing the Veil

Pastor’s Pen    A Word from Fr. Bob       Dear Church Family, Alleluia! Along with that word, Ah-h-h! It is good during Easter time to notice anybody feeling Resurrection moments. Those are moments where they feel good about their love in relations and they feel good about loving the Lord. That’s you and that’s […]

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3rd week of Lent 2019

Find Your Holy Ground

       Pastor’s Pen          THIRD SUNDAY OF LENT A word from—Fr. Bob     Dear Church Family, It is the third week of Lent already.  Next week we will celebrate Gaudete Sunday which is “REJOICE” Sunday that Lent is half over.  So, keep working on your special efforts.  I heard […]

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