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Road to Emmaus

Pastor’s Pen St. Augustine Catholic Church Sunday, April 26, 2020 Third Sunday of Easter My Dear Church Family, Reflect this week on your own roads to Emmaus. Sometimes our journey is really tough and with the Coronavirus pandemic we can really say, “Amen” to that. So, we have our own journeys, just like Cleopas and […]

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The Sunday of Divine Mercy

              Pastor’s Pen               A Word from Fr. Chris   The Second Sunday of Easter (C):  The Sunday of Divine Mercy Divine Mercy Sunday is celebrated today, the second Sunday of Easter.  It is a feast promulgated in the Church by Pope St. John […]

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Easter 2019

Pastor’s Pen EASTER 2019 A word from—Father Bob   Dear Risen Spirited Family of God, The Lord has Risen and we have the victory of victories! The victory of Jesus dying and rising for us so that when we die, we rise eternally, forever to be with the Lord. also our spirit will continue in […]

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The Good Shepherd

Dear Family of Saint Augustine, It is Good Shepherd Sunday.  It is one of my favorite images of Jesus who just does His job with ordinary people, extraordinarily well like you who have been a parent or a grandparent, maybe a teacher or nurse or a counselor whatever you have done in your life.  You […]

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Get real, get real!

THIRD SUNDAY OF EASTER A Word from Fr. Bob   Dear Family of Saint Augustine, You have heard the expression and have probably used it yourself in discussions with people, “Get real, get real!”  Maybe you can imagine as in the gospel today, Jesus appearing to His apostles and they are shocked and stunned.  He […]

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Jesus I trust in you

Pastor’s Pen                  A Word from Fr. Chris   Receive the Holy Spirit, whose sins you forgive they are forgiven and whose sins you retain, they are retained. (John 20:22-23)   The second Sunday of Easter offers us some points of reflection on the Resurrection story of Jesus Christ. Firstly, this Sunday which brings us to […]

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