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He is Lord

Pastor’s Pen     A WORD FROM FR. BOB   Dear Church Family,   I have a little practice that you may have already done or maybe you would like to do as you prepare for the Sacred Word each and every Sunday.  Of course, I could ask you, “Do you ever prepare the Sacred Word by […]

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Walk the walk

             Pastor’s Pen      A Word from Fr. Bob Dear Church Family, Building on the image I gave you last week from St. Bernard in the 12th century, I challenge you, like he suggested, to be a reservoir filled with God’s love.  Then you will always have an overflowing to give […]

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Deacon’s Corner Dear Fellow Lovers of Christ; Our Church and our God are under attack both from without and within.  We must always remember that our Faith and Love of God are dependent upon us maintaining communication with God.  God sent us His only Son.  If you are reading this, you already believe that Jesus […]

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Food For The Soul

                Pastor’s Pen                  A Word from Fr. Chris   I am the living bread that came down from heaven whoever eats this bread will live forever.  (Jn. 6:51)              Food is and has remained an essential commodity to man.  Its lack brings discomfort and an uncomfortable situation to […]

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Attitude of Gratitude

              Pastor’s Pen Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time A Word from Fr. Bob   Dear Church Family,   Sometimes we might catch ourselves complaining and grumbling and not appreciating all the blessings we have but, just see the negative.  So, it’s always a challenge for us to be people […]

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