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   A Word from Fr. Bob     Dear Church Family, A joyous Christmas Eve to all of you.  I feel really good and at peace because it seems that all our gifting especially our own St. Vincent DePaul, our own St. Augustine Wellston Center and our own Father Bob’s Outreach of Food Baskets, all went […]

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Dear Church Family,  The Importance of John the Baptist! WHO ARE YOU? Let us place ourselves in Jerusalem.  Jesus has not yet arrived on the scene, but John is baptizing in the Jordan for repentance of sin.  Scripture says all of Jerusalem and Judea and the area around the Jordan, all are coming out to […]

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Dear Church Family, I surely like resting in the Sacred Words from Isaiah in our 1st reading, as we come up the center aisle today to receive the Sacred Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick in our struggles with health, mind, body or spirit.  “Comfort, give comfort to my people, says your God. Speak […]

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Well done, good and faithful servant

A Word from Fr. Bob   Dear Church Family, I can remember back in the 1980’s when we had an African American bishop named Bishop Terry Steib from the Divine Word Fathers in Mississippi and Louisiana.  He very successfully went on to become the Bishop of Memphis.  He has since then retired but he is noted […]

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No oil!  No oil!

Dear Church Family, No oil!  No oil!  It has happened to me and it has happened to you.  Your car light turns red and you are on the highway, out of town, or just about anywhere and right away you start getting concerned.  You have procrastinated.  You weren’t prepared.  You wish you were ready and […]

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Loving Everybody

A Word from Fr. Bob   Dear Church Family, How did your imaging go last week of you crossing over into the Kingdom of Heaven and Jesus meeting you with His resurrection garment on?  There was the image of Jesus embracing you with a strong hug.  Then opening a door where there is a banquet prepared […]

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