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Stir into flame the gift of God that you have received by being blessed

Pastor’s Pen
Sunday, October 2, 2022
Twenty-seventh Sunday of Ordinary Time
St. Augustine Catholic Church


My Dear Church Family,

St. Paul proclaims to Timothy, “Stir into flame the gift of God that you have received by being blessed.”  Each of us should feel that we are blessed because overall, we have enough to keep us going, so we are blessed.  So, stir into flame now those blessings that we have received.  Next month, November, we will remember our family and friends who have transitioned to the next stage.  I am thinking about my best friend, Fr. Don Buhr.  He passed away just about a year ago.  We had a very close friendship, and we celebrated each year by going on a retreat where we encouraged each other.  We would have our own individual place, but we would gather together for mass.  We probably celebrated more than 350 masses together.  When we prepared for mass, Fr. Don liked to sing, and we would have four songs and we would sing all the verses.  After each of these retreats, when we came back, we would always feel that we had stirred ourselves into knowing that we had been blessed.  So, start blessing others as much as you can and see how good it makes you feel!

With that said, I challenge you this week to see yourself as a companion on the journey of life.  Think of the people that you have journeyed with, those who have helped you to better understand that the most important thing is union with the Lord.  That is a really good blessing to stir into flame and action.  Appreciate all the people who have companions with you on the journey.  Think of all the people you may have helped to reach that very desirable and special union with the Lord.

So, Church family, keep it up and pass it on!  This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad!  So, stir those blessings into flame and go out and spread the word:  God is Good, All the Time!


Father Bob

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