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Dear church family,

As you know your pastor likes to ride a bike. I especially like hills when I can coast down them. Coasting has been a theme of my prayer life for the last month, since my retreat of just totaling enjoying my journey and union with the Lord. It is a good way to pray, totaling thanking the Lord for the prayer life each of us has. Then think of yourselves on a bicycle like Fr. Bob, coasting down a hill faster and faster just enjoying it, no work, just reflecting on God’s wonderful goodness and love.

Today, as we end the church year with the great Feast of Christ the King, we see our Lord and Savior as victorious King over all evil and sin. By His death and glorious resurrection He has set us free. Church, we say it again, and again it is so good to just enjoy our wonderful God who saves us. He saves us in a humble way, not like kingly kings and not like all the presidential regaling. In the gospel today, Jesus is king by entering the lowest of the low as a human being crucified and tortured before He was to die. Then when on the cross agonizing and barely holding on, He hears the prayer of the good thief who says, “Remember me” and we say, “Remember me” when you enter into the kingdom. So we remember our dear Lord and Savior as we enter into the kingdom right now, because the kingdom of this beloved Son of our gracious Father is in whom we have redemption. The forgiveness of our sins.

So Church, today celebrate victory in our lives and even in the world because we are centered on the victorious King and we are called to be like Him. May you be anointed king or queen and feel the power of anointment and the power of the Holy Spirit upon you this week. Pray every day for the gift of the Holy Spirit more and more in your life. No matter what, you also are a king or queen. Alleluia!


Love, Fr. Bob


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