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So, let’s all rejoice in our God being so good to us.  Alleluia!!

Pastor’s Pen
Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
July 16, 2023
St. Augustine Catholic Church

Dear Church Family,

To The Joyous Church Family of Saint Augustine that has helped us so much and it isn’t retiring, it is simply retiring to new vistas of many new opportunities to keep spreading the Good News of always loving others and of being of service and help to our sisters and brothers in Christ.

Now that you have heard that very long and windy introduction, I can share with you a few of the thoughts that come to me at this time. We are continually giving much thanks and gratitude to the Lord for the last 31 years here at St. Augustine and all of the love, fellowship, and spirituality that comes from a true church family.

Although this might be my last Pastor’s Pen, you can now rejoice and be glad that you don’t have to read it and fall asleep. (LOL).  So, I hope to fall in love with retirement because it will give me more opportunities to love and serve even more.  What’s more important than being able to positively move forward because there are so many people to love starting right in our own families.

Reflecting on retirement has me going back almost 60 years and appreciating how the Lord has blessed me.  As you look back on your years, you can also see how the Lord has blessed you in spirit, mind, and body through family, work, and your Christian commitment to be more Christlike in your ways.  So, let’s all rejoice in our God being so good to us.  Alleluia!!

Fr. Bob

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