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So, bless you and take care of you in every way

Pastor’s Pen

Dear Church Family,

We are on the journey and I am writing this Pastor’s Pen before our parish family retreat.  I like to emphasize the word ‘family’ because you are family to me and I love you very much.  I am so glad for these extra years of blessings to be with you and I always say, “I’m here until the wheels fall off!–even when the training wheels fall off!’  But I’m here on the journey with you again and emphasizing the word ‘family’ means I  don’t have to go to my God just by myself but that I am part of a community.  We certainly expressed that on Ash Wednesday when so many gathered in the day and evening together to receive the ashes.  In addition, we are going to have mass every Wednesday night.  It may take some effort to come so just pretend it is Ash Wednesday again and come along.  I am sort of challenged again and again  with Jesus being tempted and I being tempted with all the worldly concerns feeling that I have to do ‘this and that’, just ‘fluffed’ meaning it really isn’t that important.  So, I am going to try to do some house cleansing.  I certainly am going to do it symbolically as soon as I finish this Pastor’s Pen, I’m going to throw away something in my room to make it a little bit neater.

So, let’s all think of what we are doing and I have in the back of my feelings what we should throw away, get rid of, and what we should emphasize during our spiritual journey.  Just being aware each day, being awakened and sitting in your prayer chair a little bit longer, just to know that this is the day we are trying to do something extra for the Lord.  So, bless you in your efforts.  I pray for your efforts because that is what we are about–developing a deeper, deeper union with the Lord  during this time.  One of the ways to do it is prayerfully, but also to try to go that extra effort in any kind of good deeds for someone else, even if it’s just a phone call, it is good.

So, bless you and take care of you in every way.  Love you and be with you on your journey.  Let’s do it together and I’ll be here with you on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in the morning for the celebration of mass in the rectory.  Love you and God in a special way and may the Lord Jesus be with you in a special way and may He send his Holy Spirit onto you with new power and to be aware and to do house (spirit) cleansing.

Love,  Fr. Bob


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