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Dear Church Family,

I’ve been resting in the Sacred Word this week and certainly it’s more than Good News.  Alleluia!  Let’s take it to heart what the Lord is promising you and me and it will allow us all the more to be fortified in union with Him.  So that we may go out and do our loving in all our relationships and our expanded relationships with other people in our lives.  We are on the journey and we are well fortified so we can love all the more.

Here is what the Lord promises us today. Jesus says, “He is promising us another Advocate that will be with us always and this is the Holy Spirit.  The Spirit of Truth.  Once we claim the Holy Spirit in our lives it will mean that Jesus will be in us and the Holy Spirit will be within us.  Then we can confidently accept the words that He says, “I will not leave you orphans.”  Oh, what Good News!

Then Jesus goes on to say, “You will realize that I am in my Father and you are in me and I in you.”  Now, if that isn’t Good News then I don’t know what is.  We walk around filled with God’s Holy Spirit this Advocate is always with us.  As we are in union with the Lord.  As Jesus says, “I am in union with the Father as you are in union with me.”  If that is so, then we are really in union with each other by our living and loving.  Now, that’s Good News.  Alleluia!

Now that we have talked about the Good News, I just want to tell you I had such Good Feelings of joy and love in my heart for all of you but especially for Mothers and all those who do Mothering.  I enjoyed blessing each of you with the Holy Water.  I very gently sprinkled a little over your head or hat so you would not get too wet.  I really enjoyed hearing what words you always say to your children through the years.  I heard, “I love you!  Be careful!  Do what the Lord wants you to do” and many other words of encouragement.  Reflect on that a little more and keep telling your children special words especially such as, “I love you. I want you to be happy and at peace.  I want you to have a good relationship with the Lord and everyone else.”  Just the things you want for your children, keep praying, celebrating them and keeping on the positive side.  Do lots more mothering and grand mothering as aunts and other positive role models.  Of course, we encourage fathers, grandfathers and others to do the same as well.  Amen!


Love, Fr. Bob


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