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On our last two Sundays, the readings were about “The Light”.  Today’s readings are about following the commandments.  If you are reading this or in church Sunday, chances are pretty good that you follow the commandments.  But how closely do we follow them and are our lives the lights to help others follow them?

God did not give the commandments to Moses as the Ten Suggestions.  Rather they are called “Command-ments” for a reason.  They are God’s commands.  It has become the norm in the last 40-50 years to soft pedal the command part of the commandments.  God gave them to us as the way in which He wanted us to live our lives.  He did not want us to follow in the path of Lucifer and the sinful angels or the path of Adam and Eve.  Do these ten things and you will enjoy everlasting life.  And yet people are always looking for ways to skate around them.

Now, everyone commits sin.  We have a fallen nature.  But God asks us to get up, confess our sins and try to change our life.  Sometimes that can be difficult.  So, we pray for strength and the grace to overcome and we change our ways.  But my concern is for those who have decided to live a sinful life and feel that our all-loving God will forgive them.  But you just can’t wait until you are standing before St. Peter and are being given a life review.  It’s too late.  I know that in our present world, one major sin is living together outside of marriage.  “Oh, they’re in love.”  “He’s just not sure of himself.”  “They don’t have enough money.”  “The time isn’t right.”  Etc., Etc., Etc.  God doesn’t buy phony excuses.  Right is right.  Wrong is wrong.  And we who know the difference are called to bring it to the attention of those we love and are responsible for.

My wife Terry and I have a great love for one another, but we have often disagreed during our life together.  So, we were in Medjugorje where Mary has been appearing since 1981.  It’s early evening and the sun had gone down.  I said to Terry, “I think Mary is calling us to Apparition Mountain.”  I was strongly being prodded to go.  But being night and not having a flashlight we had only a votive light and a glass.  It was very dark and the trek into this dense hillside was quite difficult.  There were almost no flat spots to place a foot, and even though we had a candle it just wasn’t giving us the light we needed.  The person leading had the candle, but the light made it impossible for the leader to see the ground.  Finally, one of us realized that the follower had to hold the candle in such a way that the leader could see the ground and find our way.  And then I received a message from Our Blessed Mother.  A strong and clear message.  “Now this is how I want it, one leading the other.  And no bickering.”  So, I transfer this message to all.  We must be the light for one another, the path leads to God’s Heavenly Kingdom.


Deacon Ed


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