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A Word from Fr. Bob  

Dear Church Family,

“WEEDY”, this is a good theme for us this week.  When we say the word “Weedy”, we can think of our own personal lives having a few weeds in it.  We can think of our prayer life having some weeds in it and our moral living having a little sin in it.  We can also think of our relationships having some weeds in it and that all refers to ourselves.  We can also know there are certain types of weedy people around us.  Yet there is a need for tolerance, love, prayer, living with them, loving them and celebrating their goodness even though there will be this fault or that fault that is tremendously annoying or down right sinful but we live with lots of different people with lots of different kinds of problems.  Sometimes, “It’s by the Grace of God” that it could be me having those very real, recognizable weeds in my life.

Church, today let’s just concentrate on ourselves and humbly walk with our God.  Then we will have a tolerant attitude toward all the others.  We will say to ourselves, “Who am I to judge?  Isn’t this what the Lord does and not me?  I am just going to try to love the people I’m around.  Not only be tolerant but really celebrate their goodness and be present with them.  With some of them I definitely have to be present because they are my family.”

We have a few laughs over one of my priest buddies that we bum with.  He says because of his sickness and old age he can’t go on vacation. We kid him by saying, “Is it that you don’t want to go with us?  We are your family.  We are all you’ve got and you got to take us as we are.”  We have lots of fun kidding him because of his reasons for not going on vacations with us.  “We have our weeds and you have to take us as we are,” we tell him.

It is good in our daily lives to humbly and prayerfully come before the Lord and ask Him to help us remove the weeds from our life gardens in whatever way or place they are.  That will be what we will celebrate in the Word this week.  Alleluia!


Love, Fr. Bob


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