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Dear Church Family,

What a joyous celebration we had last Sunday on our 24th year of celebration. I just thought it was wonderful! I am so grateful to Bishop Hermann for coming and embellishing our spirit of joy and thanksgiving for being church these last 24 years. We have grown and come along so greatly in our faith that you can carry on even if I wasn’t here because we are church now and have good leadership abilities. It is good to think about the ways your gifts are being celebrated and being used in the church family. Of course as I say this I am in the Lord’s hand and my attitude is that “I am here for the long run.” I think my health is pretty good right now and all is well. Maybe that will stir you up a little to use all your gifts and talents to really make this church vibrant. Also, make yourself grow in love, be people that reach out in so many ways and be good stewards as you are going to hear this message and challenge of the Beyond Sunday Campaign, which is a five year commitment to our church and catholic education and in the building up of our own church.

Now church, I have an image that I am resting in this week. I imagine myself like Mary in the gospel sitting at the Lord’s feet. I am sitting right in front of Him with my legs crossed and feeling pretty comfortable because I am sitting next to the wall so I have a backdrop. I am imaging that His words of love and wisdom are flowing off His tongue right into my heart. The Word is “I love you and I will always forgive you. I just want you to love others because you are so loved by Me.”

It is so good if we also take time to be like Mary, having a contemplative side to ourselves and just be still, in silence, listen and enjoy your loving relationship with Jesus. Sometimes we don’t even have to say words. Just be still and enjoy. After you do that it is so good that you also are inspired by Martha who wants to share hospitality and Abraham who even more so looks for opportunities to invite people into his home in hospitality. It was the prime virtue of good followers of Abraham is time to be into hospitality. It would be good if each of us could extend our hospitality to others and look for opportunities of sharing our homes and sharing ourselves in any way with others.

So enjoy the Sacred Word during this summer. Be still, relax during the lazy, hazy, days of this summer. Alleluia!

Love, Fr. Bob


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