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Dear Church Family,

Sometimes when a few extra people come over and you don’t think you have enough food, it is enough. Sometimes you think your little efforts of cheering someone up in their struggles isn’t enough, but sometimes when many others also pitch in then the person is uplifted. Sometimes we don’t think we make a difference but we do make a difference and that’s in the miracle of multiplication. God is a God of abundance and He blesses us.

I had the home-going last week of one of my best friends from high school and college. His spirituality compelled him to want to receive communion at Mass almost every day. Even though he had the same problems, we know, he was really a man of God. Sometimes those individual Masses all added up to a man who was trying to walk with God and have God as his personal friend. So, in the crossing over all is well. Sometimes for our loved ones who cross over to the kingdom, it seems as though they are laden with merit. Even though they don’t deserve God’s abundance love, God gives it to them anyway. Let’s reflect on our little efforts. Sometimes these efforts are joined with the efforts of others and we make a difference. Alleluia!


Love, Fr. Bob


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