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A Word from Fr. Bob  

Dear Church Family,

Like Solomon, we long for an understanding heart of knowing that our God is to be continually, intentionally and intensely present in our spiritually longing for union with the Lord.  Now that’s a long sentence!  Just know that “all things work for the good of those who love God and those who are called” and that’s us, Church!  When we put God first, we long to be in union with Him, He’s the treasure in the field and the pearl of great price.  We do anything we can to put God first. With all that being said that is the simple message that we need in these lazy days of summer.

Remember that message in your spiritual journey and in your daily reflective prayer as you sit in your special prayer chair, waving your hands and claiming God’s presence as being awesome.  Also know that in all your prayers that when you are distracted, just call upon the Holy Spirit to be there and He will come just as we proclaimed last week with inexpressible groanings and longings.  We just know that the Lord is there because His Spirit is alive within us.  So, we are on the right journey, Dear Church, to deeper union with the Lord.  All this will then lead us to wanting to help others and love others as much as possible.

Love, Fr. Bob

PS Now isn’t that a nice short Pastor’s Pen?  Reflect deeply and live abundantly in the Lord.  Alleluia!

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