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seek first the kingdom of God, and then all things will come to us

Dear Church Family,

Hallelujah!!  Christ has Risen!  Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!!  We are rejoicing because “This is the Day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad!”  “We”, as St. Augustine has said, “… are an Easter People and Hallelujah is our song.”  We are now in the Easter Season and we carry with us the after glow of the resurrection in the realization that Christ has won for us the victory of everlasting life by His rising from the dead.  We have the gift of immortality that lasts forever and ever.  When we cross over to the kingdom, we receive this gift of eternal life.

But while we are here, we keep on “doing church”—practicing the corporal works of mercy, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, providing for the homeless as well as employing the spiritual works of mercy to instruct the ignorant, be kind, patient, and forgiving, and continuously pray for the living and the dead.  Our Elder Kenny Hearndon says, “After I get out  of church, I keep on churching.”  The more we do these things, the more we are aware of loving and serving the Lord every time we celebrate the Eucharist as a lasting pledge.  Give Kenny a call.  He loves to pray with and for us @314-346-4131.

As we look into what’s happening in our society today, we see vast changes taking place all around us.  Not just physically, as the trees, flowers, and grass begin to bring forth the images of new life and renewal, but in our personal and societal lives as we have had to change so many of the things, we do because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the George Floyd trial in Minneapolis, the emergence of strong women in leadership positions, our foreign policies with Korea, China, Russia (an even trying to talk with Iran), and a multitude of environmental, discrimination toward our Asian brothers and sisters, and our own personal problems.  We all want to be back to “normal”, but we must be mindful of our commitment to “seek first the kingdom of God, and then all things will come to us.”

This Easter, Resurrection, has many meanings on many levels.  We are trying to recover our health in body and mind.  We are hoping the economy will return to a more vibrant state with people getting back to work, business improving, and families being able to live safe and secure lives in their homes.

So, church, we see in our second reading the man, Cornelius saying, “Not to all the people did the Lord appear”.  Reflect on not to all the people, but certainly to us, his believers and followers.  He has appeared to many, starting with a few of the Apostles, the Blessed Mother, and other women and then to as many as they could so Christianity and this message of immortality won.  It’s been spread throughout the entire world, but one by one.  That’s the way our risen Lord and Savior has done it.  Not to all the people, but certainly to you and me as we spread resurrection Victory.  Keep it up.  Alleluia!!

Love, Fr. Bob


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