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A word from Deacon Ed


 Father Bob’s homily this past Sunday centered on the word “longing”.  Of course, the “longing”, refers to our longing to be one with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Our ultimate goal of being in Heaven is based on our achieving that longing.  But the unstated and most incredible part of that thought is that our Father, Himself, has this wonderful longing to be with us in His Kingdom.  So often, as the created, we assume that in creating us, God’s idea was to have power over us and complete control of our lives.  As our catechism teaches us we were created to know, love and serve God in this world and to be one with Him in heaven.  Part of our problem is it is so hard to believe that we are loved so much.  We assume, as did the Bad Angels, that it is about control.  Obviously, it isn’t because we have free will as the angels did.

We are discussing spiritual matters, but because of our limitations we must look at our relationship with God through our earthly understandings.  We need to take a moment and think of the time in our life when we have been loved the most.  For some of us it is our parents or grandparents, for others, a spouse, for others, a brother or sister, and still others a very good friend.  Whomever we received that ultimate earthly love from is the best example of God’s love for us (except that it is magnified 1,000-fold).  As humans, we cannot remotely understand the depth of God’s love for us.

So we are called in this life and the next to take the love we have received and give it away to others. We, of course, will always have that love and God’s love.  But we are called to be Christ-like in giving love and sometimes it isn’t easy.  But it becomes infinitely easier when we openly accept God’s love and love Him in return.  When we do that, we become like Jesus in today’s gospel.  We become transfigured when we accept God’s love and as we are blinded by His light we become light by generously giving our love to others.  BE THAT LIGHT!!!

Deacon Ed


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