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A word from—Fr. Chris

Master, it is good for us to be here.

There is a story of a young talented priest whom his bishop tipped for further studies overseas, promising him of becoming a potential bishop after his theological studies as well as for his dedicated life.

The young priest accepted this promise to himself with great faith and serious hope. Funny enough he provided himself with a bishop’s skull cap which he stocked in the drawer of his study desk. Whenever his studies became strenuous and demanding a lot he would pull open the drawer to look at the skull cap to assure himself of his aspiration and goal as to why he must push ahead to overcome the apparent difficulty. Courage and strength would return to him. This story sounded really funny but it worked for him. This is how a person can live in faith, hope and trust in God.

There are times in our life when things look gloomy and seem unattainable and we feel like giving up. We need to call on the virtues of faith and hope to support us as both are theological virtues necessary at such moments to inflame us to positivism and to realize that God is always with us in latent or visible signs as He did with Abraham.

The second Sunday in Lent brings us to the Transfiguration of Jesus before his three disciples, Pete, James and John. The Transfiguration was intended to let them have a glimpse of the glory of God as they would come to see the tragedy of his suffering and death on the cross. Their faith in Jesus would consequently anchor them as it were on the rock.

Our life as Christians is a demand to do good and avoid evil as enshrined in the Commandments of God and that of the Church. Also the invitation to make sacrifices and to do penance during our Lenten journey and other problems we face in life are there without valuable reasons. They are there to gain us an eternal reward and in pursuit of our eternal happiness. St. Paul summarizes it thus, “The sufferings of this life cannot be compared to the glory that would be revealed to us” (Romans 8:18). Therefore in all situations and circumstances, it is good to remember that God is ever with us, and so it is good for us to be here.

Fr. Chris


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