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Dear Church,

This is Divine Mercy Sunday! It comes from St. Faustina, who lived in the early part of the twentieth century in Poland. She received visions from the Lord proclaiming great “mercy.”

I am still feeling the presence of the Risen Lord as we gather, most inspirationally, to celebrate the Lord’s Resurrection and to feel the Lord’s presence more alive as Risen Lord in our daily lives. “Let us rejoice and be glad,” in the good times, in the good days and in every day which the Lord has made. There are reasons to reflect each day and realize that the Lord has “risen” and stayed with us.

Today we hear the story of Jesus appearing and saying, “Peace be with you.” I think He said it three times and it’s more than just peace in the world or peace in our hearts. It’s Shalom- a total peace and union with the Lord. He also tells us to “Receive His Holy Spirit.”

The gospel also tells the story that most of us can identify with, the story of the “doubting” Thomas. We all have our doubts in our faith, our worries of whether the Lord is really in our daily lives, but we go through the doubt and say, “Through it all learn to trust in Jesus, learn to trust in God through it all.”

So, Church, as you continue to challenge yourself to be unbound from things that in any ways keep you from celebrating the Risen Life of the Lord right now and this week remember that the Lord is there to help you and let you be able in your quiet moments of prayer, simply say the words of Thomas, “My Lord and My God.” Alleluia!!! Amen!!


Love, Fr. Bob

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