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Dear Church,

I sure enjoyed our Unity Mass last Sunday of bringing us all together on the first Sunday Advent. All of us, as we hear in the Sacred Word today, prepare one another and the whole Church for the coming of the Kingdom. We do that by love, of course. “Our work and preparation for the coming of God” Paul says, “is to increase in love.” There you go, that’s it! All of us are doing that and all of us are to be, “pure and blameless” as the Scripture continues. This preparation of love is so that we might direct all to their true home in heaven, to be ready at the coming of Jesus Christ, to join with them on the journey to the kingdom of God.

We help one another by always evangelizing in sharing the Good News. We know that it is so important that everyone is able to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior and best friend, asking for forgiveness. That’s the prayer that we constantly want to say. The Scriptures are talking to all of us as preparers, “Prepare the way of the Lord, make His path straight.” Both Baruch and Luke quote Isiah about the image of the mountains and valleys being made. It is a sign of Israel’s repentance and moral transformation. Church, we are included in this vast body of people committed to Jesus proclaiming His message of victory over death with the belief in His resurrection. All of us, with the rest of the church are preparers. Maybe that is a good word for us all. You are commissioned to be preparers of the kingdom here on Earth because you make straight the way of the Lord by your living, witness and loving. We know maybe all of those in our family don’t have the enthusiasm that we have of wanting to be this preparer-er-er. I mention that word because it sounds good and that’s our commission in life. Alleluia! Enjoy this Advent time and come alive in wanting everybody to feel as good about being part of the kingdom now as everybody else. God bless and have a good Advent journey.

Love, Fr. Bob


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