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Persevere in His Words and His Way

Pastor’s Pen
St. Augustine Catholic Church
Sunday, July 18, 2021
Sixteenth Sunday of Ordinary Times

Dear Church family,

I see in the Word of God today a perseverance and an awe that God’s Grace works within all of us.  Sometimes, maybe years later, a person will say,  “I remember when you gave this or that sermon and it really touched my heart and it has been words that I continue to live by even up to today.”  Of course, that gives me a good feeling, but I praise and thank the Lord that I am just able to persevere in His Words and His Way.

I am proclaiming the wonderful workings of God’s love and grace for everyone to use.  Then I am all the more committed to soldiering on and trusting the process of trusting the Holy Spirit as I and others try to share our faith with those who are in our care.  This is a life-long commitment and job.

Sometimes when we are listening to someone speak in church or at a meeting, that person may stop and say, “Hello”, just to check and see if anyone is hearing, listening, and hopefully, understanding.  As God’s people, we always have the opportunity to be witnesses to the Works and Will of God, but maybe sometimes we wonder if anybody, children, friends, associates even hear us and what we are trying to tell them.  But we persevere and soldier on in God’s grace, works, and miracles, lots of times, in ways we don’t even know yet.  Alleluia!

Love, Fr. Bob


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